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  • An unrestricted White-Label Video Platform
  • An incredible extra-study resource for students
  • An unbeatable value for creating student success

Brand our platform with YOUR logos, and deploy it from YOUR website. Keep students in
YOUR learning

  • Your Students,
    Your Brand
    Install our white-label online courseware platform on your school’s website.
  • Use Training
    from Our Library
    • Tutorials 35,800
    • Hours 2,650
    • Courses 1,069
    Provide students with access to our ever-growing library of online courses.
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  • Your School’s
    Personal MOOC
    Create & Deploy Open Online Courses as massively - or minimally - as you require.
  • True Asynchronous
    Innovative social learning features enable socratic dialog and academic competition.
  • Carnegie
    Student Hours
    Use for lab and extra study hours. Get reports and detailed analytics on
    student usage.
  • Competency-Based
    Full student quizzing (including fraud protection) & dynamic curriculum support.
  • Dynamic Payment
    Only pay for Library Access your students actually use. Don't waste money on
    "no views"

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